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Prezi is here to save the… presentation!

Up to now, I probably saw dozens of PowerPoint presentations, yet none of them appeared to me as different and certainly not as innovative as it used to be just a few years ago. Powerpoints are boring to us people who had been taught with them since we entered school. Why not leave PowerPoint to our grand-parents and move forward with new techniques of presentation that WILL help make learning a little less painful to the students. There exist various alternatives to a PowerPoint presentation, my favourite being Prezi. Prezi is a website to which I subscribed in order to have access to an unimaginable number of different displays to which I can add texts and images. From this, it is possible to create a 3D presentation to which I can add any desired motion path such as zooming in and out on ideas or moving the screen in the desired direction.


I think Prezi is a good presentation tools to use for educative activities. This program is extremely interactive as well as providing opportunities to be creative and innovative. Moreover, Prezi can improve the students’ comprehension of the material by providing a display on which it is easy to show the link between the numerous ideas, it is easy to follow, and it makes the retention of the material easy and fast.

As opposed to the traditional PowerPoint presentation usually consists of writing on slides, which is not personalized, each Prezi presentation is unique, there are dozens of different background that can be picked from, lots of choices of layouts and an infinite number of choices of sequences of motions.

A well made Prezi presentation will be created in a way that the sequence of motion will match the order in which a teacher releases information about the material being covered. I believe this can really improve the students understanding since the presentation can, as the teacher speaks, show what is important to understand, how an idea is linked to one another, and how they are linked back to the main idea. Also, the very fact that the student will be able to see the relationship between different ideas surely will make the retention of the material much easier. Indeed, a great part of a student’s ability to recall information is accountable to prior material comprehension.

I am a strong believer in visual support, as long as it is not a powerpoint. I myself used to look at PowerPoint as my one and only option whenever I went in front of the class for a presentation. I know, we are good at using PowerPoint, it is what we are USED to use. That is exactly what the problem is. Not only are used to using it, but everyone here is also used to SEEING it. I  think we have exhausted PowerPoint’s resources now and it would be a great idea to go forward a little bit. Whenever I must attend a presentation to which the teacher add visual support, my interest goes up when I see it is not a PowerPoint.


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